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Friday, December 12, 2003

okay you guys so today is Friday and I am listening to tool and I have nothing better to do then just sit here and type for a minute. Okay so John and I have had a lot of fun the past few weeks. I told him today that I want a cat thats a kitten, black with white boots and a white stomach. cause there was one in the road that was dead with its head chopped off. It was sad you know that??? okay well John if you are reading this I love you I love you I love you so much that its un real! I guess that Ill talk to you later! I love you!--Becca

Posted at 10:44 am by cargurl_232
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Monday, November 17, 2003

hello hello how is everybody today? well today is just a normal everyday kind of day. im sitting here in class and i have nothing better to do but come over here and bug you guys...so How is everyone eles in this worlds day? really thats good. So Im gonna go now cause i have nothing eles to say...and i have some work that i have to do.....bu bye

Posted at 12:31 pm by cargurl_232
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Friday, November 14, 2003

Im in love with this great guy...his name is John Michael and he's the love of my life...I LOVE HIM! he's great and there is nothing bad that I have to say about him...When you love someone then there is nothing that can stop you from being with that person. When you love someone and there's parent's thats the only thing that can keep you apart...lol... so what do you do when your in love? Just let it run its course...dont try and stop it cause that never works and dont try to push it on and on when its going down hill cause that never works either...so this is to John, I love you and I always will you are the love of my life and I want to spend forever with you!

Posted at 10:40 am by cargurl_232
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